Musical Theatre Magazine’s Premiere Issue Will Be Released October 1st!

Musical Theatre Magazine Volume 1 issue 01 October 2013 CoverHey, everybody!

If you’ve been reading my posts on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve probably seen the progress of the premiere issue of Musical Theatre Magazine coming along swimmingly.  I’m pleased to say the premiere issue will definitely be out by October 1, 2013!

But — you say — “I thought it was coming out in September?!”

Here’s what happened…. I had originally set up the magazine to launch in October and sent out my interview requests to some fave guests of mine as well as some “cold calls.”  I figured the Law of Averages would have plenty saying “yes,” and several saying, “no” due to schedules.  Low and behold, 99% SAID YES!  With the other 1% saying, “Soon, once the show opens.”

Suddenly, I had more interviews than I could fit into one issue, so instead of not using some of the interviews, I decided to use them ALL but split it into separate issues…. because in Musical Theatre, more is more, right?  So with the best of intentions, I tried to bump up the launch of MTMag to September 15th.

Then, in the past week or so, the launch hit some snags as a few of my guest interviewees contacted me frantically needing me to hold off on printing due to a hold on photos’ permissions, one guest is now under a gag order (not to talk about a project we wound up talking about), another guest had to postpone the interview due to an emergency, and my international interview got delayed by storms in my area that caused power outages (so I’ve scrambled to save that interview!).

I’m glad to say all of that is in the process of getting sorted out, and I’m moving forward with the October issue being the premiere issue, as it was originally scheduled.

What does this mean for Season Pass subscribers?  You’re STILL getting your 11 issues.  I will do a special issue later this Fall/early Winter, and we’ll stay on schedule for the Season.

Not a subscriber yet?  Then SUBSCRIBE!  You haven’t missed anything.  And I’m extending the special Season Pass price of $24.95 until October 1, 2013.

It’s always a thrill a minute in the theatre, yes?

Happy jazz hands!



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