MTMag Sneak Peek: Q&A With Tony Award-winning LEGEND Carol Channing

Carol-Channing-Michael-Davis-400© 2013 by Trish Causey for Musical Theatre Magazine.

LEGEND: The One and Only Tony Award-winner Carol Channing

by Trish Causey

Looking back over your long career, what was your favorite show you ever did and why?

CAROL:  It’s always the next one.  The next show always has to be your favorite. Although, working with George (Burns) will remain a highlight in my life and career.

Do you have a favorite backstage story — a funny or weird situation that happened backstage during a show but the audience never knew?

CAROL:  I don’t know if they are weird or not, but Jackie Kennedy came backstage once with Caroline and John John.  It was their first public appearance after the assassination.  They came to a matinee.  But then when you’re in a hit show, the world comes through your dressing room.  Weird?  To be honest, I think most of the truly weird things happened on stage in front of the audience.

What do you do to stay in shape — dance, yoga, etc.?

CAROL:  I have a trainer who comes in three times a week.  At my age you have to be extra diligent, and he is so patient with me.  We do a lot of work in the pool.  Esther Williams would be very happy.

What do you think of shows like “Glee” and “Smash” that portray Broadway and Broadway dreams?

CAROL:  Oh…I’m embarrassed to say I have never seen either of them.  Although, everyone tells me about “Glee,” and it sounds wonderful.  I think my agent was trying to get me a cameo on “Glee,” but they turned me down.  Oh well.

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