OpEd: What Do YOU Think of NBC’s Production of ‘The Sound of Music’ Live?

Sound of Music - live on NBC - Carrie Underwood - Audra McDonald - Christian Borle - Laura Benanti - posterAs NBC gears up for a rare television event, Broadway musicals fans are salivating to see the live televised production of The Sound of Music.  With Tony Award winners Audra McDonald, Laura Benanti, and Christian Borle featured in this version, devotees of Musical Theatre are still doubtful Carrie Underwood can pull off the lead role of “Maria”.  (Remember when Taylor Swift was being considered for the film adaptation of Les Mis?)

What do you think of Carrie Underwood as a choice for Maria?  Why couldn’t NBC have hired a real Broadway star to play the role?  From what I’ve heard of her singing the role of Maria, Underwood belts too much, her vibrato is slow, and she has absolutely none of the nuances with phrasing of the iconic Julie Andrews.

And what about TV star Stephen Moyer as the Captain?  Granted, the role of the Captain is not a true singing role, but can Moyer offer the right combination of aloof charm that ultimately wins over the audience as played to suave perfection by Christopher Plummer in the film?  Sure Moyer played Billy Flynn in Chicago at the Hollywood bowl, but The Sound of Music is sacred musical territory.

Leave your comments below AND come back after the live showing on December 5th to give your opinion of how the event came off (and how Carrie Underwood performed!).  Were Underwood and Moyer just stunt casting choices for ratings?  We shall see, won’t we….

To give credit where credit is due, NBC has a lot of nerve to try something as ambitious as a live musical on television — that’s just not done anymore.  So kudos to NBC for being so brave!  “The  Sound of Music Live!” airs on Thursday, December 5, at 8/7 C on NBC.

And for MTMag peeps, Laura Benanti is one of the featured Tony Award winners in the December issue of Musical Theatre Magazine that comes out next week!

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One response to “OpEd: What Do YOU Think of NBC’s Production of ‘The Sound of Music’ Live?

  1. I am, of course, waiting with baited breath, as I am all about live. Do I think Carrie Underwood can pull it off? We’ll see – but I am much more curious about her acting then her signing- will she be different from Julie Andrews, of course! But it’s the acting that makes a piece soar or fail…

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